OnePlus 6T is coming soon for sale on Amazon exclusive.

OnePlus 6T is on Amazon exclusive offers.

Lets talk about the design and features of the mobile.

1. Screen unlock

It supports the in display fingerprints scanner.

6.41 inch optic AMOLED display. 86% screen to body ratio And unobtrusive cut-out.


The OnePlus 6t is designed with largest display And resilient glass black.

It has a faster type of camera. Nail every detail night or day with optical image stabilization and new nightscape feature.

Camera sensor for better picture.

4.Storage and processor

It is a more fast and smooth. Consist of 8GB of RAM, the Qualcomm snapdragon TM 845 Mobile platform and up to 256GB of storage.


The great battery life. In small charging, you can do more work on mobile With 3700mAh battery.

Fast charging technology.


Everyday protection. It prevents water or it is waterproof mobile and dust resistance.

Lets take a view about what other companies are talking.


A great, fast smartphone experience that undercuts and outperforms the competition. insider

The best smartphone, you have never heard of.

3.the times of India

OnePlus 6T is one of the the best smartphone available in India.

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Samsung galaxy s9 :- lets have a look how we saw the previous version of Samsung s10.

The latest version of Samsung galaxy s10 is releasing.
check about latest Samsung galaxy s10

Features of Samsung galaxy s9

12MP+12MP dual rear camera 8MP front facing camera.

Dual Aperture lens adapts like the human eye.

2.Low light photo

F1. 5 Aperture mode finds light even in the dark.

3.Super slow motion

It shoots up to 20 shota per video with 0.2 seconds of recording and 6 seconds of playback of each shot.

Other description

Memory is 6gb RAM, it provides storage about 64GB.

Dual nano SIM 4g and 4g.


3500mAH lithium-ion battery

Operating system

Android v8. 0 Oreo operating system with exynos 9810 octa core processor.

      Samsung galaxy s10 :- the latest smartphone you should know.

      Overnight it would appear that the Samsung Galaxy S10 made its way into the hands of a couple of different sources internationally.

      Now a day, Samsung have announced the appearance of latest version of Samsung phone name “Samsung galaxy s10”.

      The Samsung galaxy s10 release date is set for coming early March in 2019.

      The Samsung galaxy s10 will likely joining by galaxy s10 plus as well as galaxy s10 lite.

      Samsung galaxy is more likely little bit same or different from previous version of Samsung galaxy.

      Samsung galaxy s9 is the previous version of Samsung galaxy s10

      Samsung galaxy s10’s designe is likely to be follow.

      we see a couple different versions of the Galaxy S10 family.

      We will see two front – facing cameras in Samsung phone.

      This should be seen in at least two mobile versions of Samsung called Samsung galaxy s10 and Samsung galaxy s10 plus.

      Comment below to know me what facilities of this mobile you like.

      What are the expectations do you have about the latest version of Samsung galaxy s10.

      Microsoft step ahead to end global hunger!

      Microsoft believe they can change the world

      Today more than 800 million people around the world suffer from hunger. Microsoft can solve hunger by 2030.

      The app name cloud-based, this is a smartphone app called child growth monitor that use to scan children and detect their problems and malnutrition.

      Microsoft azura is used to catch data that app load.

      Function of the app:-

      Infra-red sensors is used in the app in smartphones to capture 3D measurements of childs height, weight, as well as head and upper arm down to millimeter.

      Extra points:-

      1.Today In India, front-line health workers are responsible for tracking 40 to 60 kids within their intervention areas

      2.But they are too unskilled to accurately measure the children to assess their overall nutrition.

      3. those same workers struggle to maintain the equipment needed to capture heights and weights.

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